"A juggler for all occasions."

Welcome to my site!

My name is Dan Diaz and this is my site. It's my design and even though I'm pleased with it, I intend to make it better. I'm kinda learning that as I go. What isn't new to me however is juggling. That I've done since the previous century. I started as a young man with an unlikely hobby and then I became a man with expertise. In time I intend to make this site greater than it is in as many ways as I can think of. For now it's something completely under construction. In the meantime, I recommend you take a look at this link.


On instagram it's dandiazentertainment



Also, I have more youtube videos than this. You can find them under my username which is DanDiazEntertainment. Enjoy!


Dan Diaz

Address: "Available upon request."



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